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What is TelexFREE?

TelexFREE is a company that is based from Brazil and was founded by James Merrill in 2002. To this date, TelexFREE is already serving 63 countries all over the world. The concept of the company is to combine two huge markets into one, and these are, communications and advertising.

On the communications side, TelexFREE offers Voice Over IP Technology, much like Skype, where credits were sold in rechargeable cards at that time. The founder and president, Mr. Merrill was inspired to delve into this market when he learned how much Brazilians spent when they call Brazil.

Telexfree launched in the US in November 2012 and it is already th hottest work at home job that is creating fast millionaires. In Brazil they had attracted roughly 300,000 self-governing wholesalers and fashioned 23 new millionaires.

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How To Earn With TelexFREE

There are six primary ways of earning massive income from Telexfree which are as follows:

  • Ad Placement Payment
  • Retail Commissions
  • Sponsorship Bonus
  • 2X Infinity (Binary Bonus)
  • Retail Residual Commissions (5 Levels Deep)
  • Six (6) Generations Of Passive Income
  • Team Builder Bonus Pool
  • Group Earnings Bonus Pool

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